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BISTRICA SB Doo- Kavadarci is private company founded with purpose to be a wearer of research activities of mineral materials, including the excavation space of dolomite near w. Majdan, close to mine Alshar.

According to the researches made by Rudoproekt – Skopje an essay for minding reserves was made. The same was confirmed by the Ministry of Economy of R. Macedonia, clarificated by Up. Nr. 09-67 from 06.03.1995 which with a confirmation of mine reserves from 2,6 mil. t category A and 4,1 million tones chategory B of dolomite was made.

A category     -     1.999.777 m3  or  2.610.715 tones
B category     -     1.888.548 m3  or  4.109.480 tones
together A+B       3.088.325 m3  or  6.720.195 tones

Chemical composition of the dolomite:
                white [%]         yellow [%]
CaO          30.05               30.26
MgO          21.32               21.05
Fe2O3          0.08                 0.28
Al2O3           0.73                 0.54
SO3             0.28                 0.23
L. I.            46.07               46.30 (Loss on Ignition)
N.O.             1.11                 0.91_
Total:         99.64               99.57

1 Test:   Dolomite - Yellow
-  dolomite, calcit, limonit, feldspati, quartz, pyrolusite, amphibole, chlorides
The color of this dolomite is yellow.
Granulation, the size of the crystals is 3 - 450 microns, very rear you can find crystals with size of 1mm. The average size is 180 microns.

2 Test:   Dolomite - White
-  dolomite, calcit, feldspati, quartz.
The color of this dolomite is white-gray.
Granulation, the size of the crystals is 5 - 250 microns.
The average size is 80 microns.

BISTRICA for using these mine reserves from the Government of R.M. won allowance for mine excavation spaces exploitation of the place Majdan – Konopiste Agr. Nr. 08-1946/2 from 19.06.2000. The allowance is for 30 years, with extension opportunity for further more 30 years.

According to the made chemical analysis, semi industrial trials and other activities made by BISTRICA it is verified that the dolomite mine can have a vast range of use: for high quality crystal glass, in the architecture, for building elements, for high quality concrete and mortar, for stomatology abrasive and for abrasive production for cleaning products, for high quality porcelain, for isolation materials, in the industry for automobile tires, for ingredients for fodder supplement for poultry, pigs and cows, for fertilizer for corns, orchard , grape wines, and other use.

BISTRICA has made many analysis and consultations with eminent persons from different range as well as most real and best recommended idea is for the use of the dolomite in the production of liquid and raw fertilizers with magnezit base, because the magnesium as central element in the chlorophyll assimilation which provides the green colour of the leaf of every plant, it is over used from the natural sources in the world because of decreasing of the natural fertilizers and much bigger usage of the fabricated fertilizers. Also according to the made market analysis of fabricated fertilizers it is concluded that in R. Macedonia these fertilizers are not at all or lass included.

Because of the domestic needs from this type of fertilizers BISTRICA in collaboration with the Technology and Agricultural Faculty from Skopje has made chemical analysis of the soils in the Country so it can be possible its fertilizer production with magnesium base to be in order with the real condition of presence of magnesium in soils in Macedonia. 

From the made analysis of the soils in Tikves area, Pelagonija and Ovcepolie, BISTRICA from the Ministry of Agriculture of R.M. has won a conclusion for production and trade with fertilizers and to manufacture more types of liquid fertilizers (The company is signed in the Macedonian chemical manufacturers Register for agriculture).
Based on already made analysis and researches, it is concluded that the market production conditions of magnesium sulphat monohydrate, especially anhydrous, are good and its usage in people’s life is increasing.

That is why BISTRICA has made technology for production of Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrous, from the base product Dolomite ore from the excavation mine near to the village Majdan – Konopiste.