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Which are the advantages of the Anhydrous Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4), comparable with the heptahydrate (MgSO4 x 7H2O) that has a range on world stock markets.

  • Increased concentration of active material MgO
    • MgO (MgSO4)  = 32 - 33 %
    • MgO (MgSO4 x 7H2O)  = 16 %
  • Increased physical characteristics
    • Density 8(MgSO4)  = 2,66 t/m3
    • Grained 9(MgSO4 x 7H2O)  = 1,6 t/m3
  • Much smaller transport expenses during the transportation of piece active materie, 
  • Lower manipulative costs during use,
  • Use of anhydrous magnesium sulfate in agricultural fertilizer production industry is creating environment for production of highly concentrated manures with low ballast content, 
  • This product will be the base for production of many kinds of magnesite fertilizers, which use is annually rising for over 10%, and the magnesium has status of macroelement in the plants nutrition.

The magnesium sulfate anhydrous in crystal shape with great purity is almost unavailable on the European market. The biggest manufacturers of this kind of manure in the world are Germany with 300.000 tons per year, and China with 120.000 tons per year. The fertilizer is supplied by natural sources where by surface and pit digging and with separation and technological distraction of some elements, the required rate between magnesium and other elements is obtained. 

With realization of this Investment program, constriction of a plant for production of magnesium sulfate anhydrous in crystal shape, by synthetic technological procedure with annual production of 3.500 tons, will be enabled. Also, investments in equipment for exploitment and transport are planed, for the raw material dolomite from the mine Majdan – Konopiste to be provided.


This investment facility will be the only capacity in Europe in which magnesium sulfate anhydrous in crystal shape with dolomite as a base and 21.0% magnesium oxide, will be obtained by synthetic procedure.

The investment facility is planed to be situated in the Free Economic Zone - Bunardzik, near Skopje, on surface of 1.000m2, and court of 4.000m2 with:

  • production facility with technology line,
  • covered place for warehousing raw materials,
  • warehouse for final products, and
  • the rest place, roads and horticultural decorated place. 

With realization of the investment, BISTRICA plan to employ 26 new workers and to realize total income of about 1,96 million euros.
The biggest part of the production is planed to be exported to foreign markets. There are negotiations going on with foreign partners for long-term commercial-technical collaboration and overtaking the most part of the production from the world largest chemical producers, HaifaChemical - Israel, Van Mannekus - Netherland and K+S - Germany. Also the negotiations are following for participation of foreign partner for providing the necessary financial resources for realization of this investment.