Intended for intensive production of various crops

Our products are 100% water soluble and are widely used by farmers in Macedonia and Kosovo..

The liquid fertilizers are easy use for foliar application together with plant protection products, and through “drop by drop” system. Different combinations of MAKFERT liquid fertilizers quickly complement the visual absence of nutrients and prevent physiological diseases of the fruit due to lack of some element.

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Our crystal fertilizers are applied in the “drop by drop” system, and can also be applied for foliar fertilization. The selection depends on the fertilization mode which must be based on soil fertility. MAKFERT – crystal fertilizers, are fully water-soluble, and contain large amount of macro and microelements free of chlorine and sodium, and minimum amount of sulfates.

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Makfert doo

Makfert company is formed for production of inorganic mineral liquid and crystal fertilizers and laboratory agrochemical services, testing soils and fertilizers.

We are always trying to do some different and better products from the competition, you can compare our products with other fertilizer producers and you’ll see that ours are more concentrated fertilizers, more percent of nutrition elements than most of the foliar fertilizer producers.

11 years of innovation.