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MAKFERT N, Ca, Mg – with trade name NITROKAL is a special liquid
fertilizer which contains three macro biogenic and three micro myogenic elements.

Package: 1L


Chemical properties :
Macroelements: Nitrogen (N) 9.5% Calcium (CaO) 14% Magnesium
(MgO) 2%.
Microelements: Zinc (Zn) Ferrum (Fe) Copper (Cu) by 500 ppm, chelated.
Physical properties:
Blue liquid, no odor and specific weight of 1.5 gr/cm3.
Benefits from using NITROKAL:
Specific chemical properties enable broad range in physiological
– biochemical processes in the plant for more successful photosynthesis and
metabolism of organic compounds. More successful photosynthesis enables
more stable and quality crops.
Application of NITROKAL prevents the following:
- tips “rotting” in garden plants
- “bitter pits” in apples
- leaves and fruits early drop
- drying of the grapevine’s canes.
- Quantity for foliar fertilizer should be in the range of 0.4 - 0.6% water solution,
0.4 - 0.6 L in 100 L water. It should be sprayed 4 - 5 times during vegetation in 10
- 15 days, starting before blooming and after blooming.
- Quantities for ferti-irrigation are 2 - 3 L/decameter with 2.5 - 3.5 m3 water
for application. Number of applications depends on the plant and the “fertilization mode”
and is in the range of 12 to 25.
It should be blended with plant protection products not to be blended with other fertilizers.
Storage: It should be stored at a temperature above 5 °C, any lower temperature will result in forming crystals that would melt again, thus making the process longer. Changes in physical shape do not affect the quality.
Use before date : In its original sealed package shelf life is

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