MAKFERT Ca,B – Heavy Water

MAKFERT Ca,B – Heavy Water

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MAKFERT Ca, B (also called “heavy water” due to high specific weight)
is liquid foliar fertilizer, which is major contributor
in producing large and quality crops.

Package: 1L



Chemical properties
1.1. Macroelements: Calcium (CaO) 17%, Nitrogen (N) 10%.
1.2. Microelements: Boron (B) 0.2%, Zinc (Zn) and Ferrum (Fe) by 100 ppm, chelated.
Physical properties
Bright yellow liquid, specific weight 1.5 gr/cm3.
3. Benefits from using MAKFERT Ca, B:
- it makes the fruit harder
- it stimulates the flower preservance, fertilization
and fruit forming
- it stimulates the growth in the root system and leaf transpiration
- it neutralizes organic acids in the plant tissue
- it stimulates cell division and firmness of cell walls
- it assists the mobilization of sugar and nutrients from leaves up to the
Application of MAKFERT Ca, B contributes in:
- reduced early fruit drop
- prevented bottom rot in garden plants
- prevented flower mold in garden plants
- prevented drying of grapevine’s canes
- reduced occurrences of bitter pits and russetting in fruits of up to 90%.
4. Application
4.1. Garden plants (tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage)
- dosage: 0.2 L/100 L water or 2 - 3 L/ha
- application period: beginning of blooming, or during the bud forming
- number of applications: 4 - 5 times.
4.2. Grapevine
- dosage: 0.3 - 0.4 L/100 L water, or 4 - 5 L/ha
- number of applications: 3 - 4 times
- applications should start right after blooming.
4.3. Fruit plants
- dosage 0.4 L/100 L water, or 4 - 6 L/ha
- number of applications 4 - 5 times
- applications should start right after blooming and it should end in the first 6 weeks.
5. Blending
It can be blended with plant protection products, it is not to be blended with fertilizers which contain
phosphorus (P2O5).


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