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Is high concentrated efficient crystal fertilizer
which contains all necessary macro and micro nutrients that
satisfy the needs for increased and quality agricultural
Package: 1L


1. Benefits from nourishment by foliar application
1.1. nourishment through the root is disrupted or ceased ( lack
of water in the soil 1.2. additional and enriched nourishment of plants
1.3. poor plants in their development achieve fast normalization
of development stages.
1.4. fast correction in the absence of some nutrient.
2. Предности на МАКФЕРТ – Кристал со фолијарна апликација
2.1. ideal ratio of macro and micro elements
2.2. fertilizer’s high cleanliness, free of chlorine, perchlorate and heavy
2.3. full water solubility without polluting the soil and water
2.4. compatibility with plant protection products, except for Bordeaux mixture
or strong alkaline products and calcium fertilizers
2.5. total nitrogen is composed of nitrogen forms which enable fast and
continued effects.

3.Хемиски состав
Macroelements: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P2O5, Potassium (K2O)
Magnesium (MgO)
3.2 Microelements : Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn,
Mo, B
4. Physical properties
Liquid blue crystals, relative specific weight 1-1.2 gr/cm3.
pH value 4.5 - 6.
5.1. Foliar application
5.1.1. Fruit plants (apple, pear)
- dosage 100 - 200 gr/100 L water
- period of application: before blooming, after flower drop and during
fruit forming
- number of applications 4 - 6.
5.1.2. Stone fruits (cherry, sour cherry, apricot, peach, plum)
- dosage 100 - 150 gr/100 L water
- period of application: after the appearance of the first leaves
and reapplication in every 15 days
- number of applications 4 - 5.
5.1.3. Grapevine
- dosage 100 - 150 gr/100 L water
- period of application: during bud break, 8 - 10 days before blooming, 10 - 15 days
blooming and before veraison.
5.1.4. Garden plants
- dosage 100 - 150 gr/100 L water
- period of application: 5 - 6 sprayings and reapplication in 10 days.
5.1.5. Field plants (wheat, barley)
- dosage 2.4 - 42.8 kg/ha
- number of applications 2
5.2. “Drop by drop” system
- dosage 2 - 4 kg/decameter per one application
- number of applications depends on the plant, soil’s basic fertility and
climate conditions.
It should be stored in sealed package at dry places. In case of hygroscopy
MAKFERT - Crystal does not lose its chemical properties.

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